Male Celebs Flashing Flesh on the Ellen Show: A (Boxer) Brief History

Jason Biggs on Ellen

The Ellen show has been on the air for 11 seasons now. That’s 11 seasons of pranking Taylor Swift, making Kristen Bell weep at the sight of a sloth, numerous jokes with Justin Timberlake and just about every celebrity coming on stage to join Ellen after her trademark dance at the open of each show. We’ve noticed an alarming (or alluring, depending on how you want to look at it) trend on the show of hot Hollywood guys shedding their clothes and baring their hard bodies for America’s favorite host. Is it a welcome epidemic or do the hunks of Hollywood need an intervention?

Recently, DeGeneres had Jason Biggs on the show, a supporting actor on the smash Netflix hit Orange is the New Black, and she managed to wrangle him right out of his shirt. Old news? Biggs is known for being a little shy after his over-exposure in the American Pie franchise, but she sweet talked him right out of his shirt. It wasn’t the first time, as you’ll see. Does DeGeneres has some sort of magical feminine pull? Somehow, she’s managed to get even the shiest stars out of their shirts on her show. Below, we present a partial history of the Ellen’s coterie of shirtless male celebrities:

Alex Pettyfer

While making his U.S. talk show debut, British actor Alex Pettyfer was fooled by DeGeneres when she told him that all first-time visitors to her show take their shirts off. At the time, he was promoting his film I Am Number Four, a science-fiction teen thriller, not the seminal 2012 masterpiece Magic Mike, which he went on to star in sans shirt and promote while fully clothed.

Steve Jones on Ellen

Later that same year, British — are they all this gullible? — television personality Steve Jones was finagled out of his shirt by the host as well while he was promoting the first season of X Factor. It was also his first visit to the show, though DeGeneres didn’t need to do much convincing to get him out of his cardigan and into an Ellen t-shirt.

Giles Marini

During October of 2012, Ellen’s show got downright gratuitous — though it was for a good cause — when she asked her male guests to strip down and take to the dunk tank for breast cancer awareness.

During that month, Giles Marini, Jerry O’Connell, Liam Neeson, Michael Strahan (to be fair, Marcia Cross and Madonna also got dunked) and more stripped down for a good cause. To be fair, Giles is anything but shy after his full-frontal in Sex and the City, but in the name of charity, he had no choice but to show off.

Derek Hough

Derek Hough, Emmy-winning choreographer and pro dancer on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, was also dunked while being egged on by then-partner Ricki Lake.

Mario Lopez

Extra host and underwear designer Mario Lopez was on the show promoting his underwear line, and while it was no surprise to the audience, Ellen persuaded Lopez out of his clothes to model his Rated M underwear line. He would later go on to lose a bet to co-host Maria Menounos and run through the Grove in just his Rated M underwear.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher’s role on Two and a Half Men was marked by plenty of gratuitous nudity (maybe to bolster ratings?), so he continued the gag off his show and right onto Ellen’s. Ashton takes the prize for showing the most skin (pixelated or not) on the show, but he wasn’t the last male to show off.


Showing off his abs — and his Ellen branded underwear — rapper/producer/actor Ludacris went on the show to promote Fast 6Let’s note that while Ellen has little or no interest at all in these men, her audience can’t get enough. Mention anything even close to shedding a shirt and they all let out deafening screams. Maybe Ellen does wield some sort of magic.

Zac Efron

Also note that she’s not always successful. After chiding actors Zac Efron, Bradley Cooper and Jake Gyllenhaal, Ellen’s siren song only managed to get them to give a peek of their chests or nervous chuckles, so she had to rely on paparazzi shots to do her dirty work. But we know that DeGeneres will continue to fight the good fight and get guys to go shirtless every chance she gets. And for that, Ellen we salute you.